Friday, April 15, 2011

American Cocker Spaniel Temperament and Personality

American Cocker Spaniels have temperaments and personalities that are simply superb. These American Gundogs have some of the best well rounded, standard family dog temperaments out of all the dog breeds. If you're trying to find a dog breed that is good with children, then look no further; the American Cocker Spaniel is gentle, playful, and makes a great companion for children and generally people of all age groups. American Cocker Spaniels are an intelligent breed or dog that are easy breezy to teach and also respond incredibly well to obedience dog training. Whether you’re wanting to teach an American Cocker Spaniel to play catch, shake, hunt, or perform difficult tricks and tasks, American Cocker Spaniels have the abilities to accomplish just about everything and anything you give them to do.

American Cocker Spaniels need plenty of exercise and do well living in environments that give these Gundogs the open space and land they require to run and play around on, so that they can stay both mentally healthy and physically healthy. Generally speaking, American Cocker Spaniels do not suite the city life at all by most means, since American Cocker Spaniels have been bred for the specific qualities of a decent Gundog. Because the American Cocker Spaniel was bred to originally hunt, this dog breed requires reasonable amounts of exercise practically every single day of the week.

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The Appearance of the American Cocker Spaniel

The Coat & Appearance of the American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniels may have descended from the English Cocker Spaniels, but they have been bred into two very distinguished dog breeds with two very different looks from one another. American Cocker Spaniels have much denser coats than their English Cocker Spaniel siblings; American Cocker Spaniels also carry longer and lower set ears. These Gundogs have short well defined heads with square snouts. The American Cocker Spaniels have eyes that are straight forward, noticeably large, and are downturned. Because of the American Cocker Spaniel's big downturned sad looking eyes and upper lips that slightly hang past their jaw lines, American Cocker Spaniels have their classic pouty puppy dog face that is undeniably cute yet elegant at the same time. It's also very common for American Cocker Spaniels to have their tails docked. This dog breed has a medium sized body which is pretty much evenly proportioned, with their body length to leg length ratio well balanced.

Although there are many striking features of American Cocker Spaniels, this Gundog’s staple appearance attributes have to be their long, fine, silky, dense coats. American Cocker Spaniels have somewhat wavier coats than the English Cocker Spaniels. American Cocker Spaniels have short hair on the heads, medium length hair on the upper halves of their bodies, and long hair on the majority of the bodies. These Gundogs have feathered coat chests, bodies, abdomens, legs, and ears. This dog breed has coats that come in colors ranging from black and white, tans, black, jet black, brown, liver, tan and black, brown and black, tricolor coat combinations, and particolor coat combinations.

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Keep in Mind:
Because American Cocker Spaniels have such long gorgeous coats, they require high levels of grooming on a daily basis. If you are thinking about buying or adopting an American Cocker Spaniel puppy or dog, or if you already own an American Cocker Spaniel, I strongly recommend that you have your canine touched up by a professional dog groomer on a regular basis or at least once every month to once every two months. If you don't have the time or patience to care for an American Cocker Spaniel’s coat, then don't get an American Cocker Spaniel period. Believe it or not, unhealthy matted coats can seriously harm a dog’s health, in particularly the American Cocker Spaniel's health.

Where the American Cocker Spaniel Actually Came From

American Cocker Spaniels, believe it or not, did not truly even originate in the United States. The American Cocker Spaniel actually traces its beginnings all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to the European country of Spain, but it was the English bred Cocker Spaniel bitch that gave birth in the 1880's to the puppies that would later help establish the American Cocker Spaniel dog breed. Though, it wasn't until the year of 1946 that the AKC ever officially recognized the breed of dogs, the American Cocker Spaniels. Now, American Cocker Spaniels have since been by far one of the most popular purebred dog breeds throughout the entire United States.